Logging in: 

This website is hosted within a larger domain called Teachable, which is an established online learning platform.

If you have purchased a membership within the last month, shoot us an email and we will set you up! It can take up to 48 hours.

Email: [email protected] to alert us to your recent purchase and we can expedite your enrollment. 

Have you been a member since before April 1, 2020? If so, you are already enrolled in all libraries. You should not be prompted to pay.

Member access to Libraries:

Your login name is your email, as was previously associated with your MindBody account. Make sure you’re using the right email.

To access the libraries:

  1. Log into Teachable. 
  2. Go to “My Courses” in the upper right
  3. Search the word “Library” or just scroll through to find the one you want. 

The Library contains recordings of streaming classes.

class/teacher/style are listed as:

Library: Class Title(s) | Teacher Name(s)

As a member, you will see that you are enrolled in a “parent course” that appear to have no content called ‘MEMBERS Library’ Follow instructions above to access video recordings.

Library groupings:

Most Libraries contain all the instances of a single class occurrence, such as “Library: Afro-Club | Sanchel.” However, there are some exceptions, where I have grouped classes by style/genre:

Breaking classes (Metal & Valmet) are one library. 

All house classes (Vince’s and Ricky’s) are one library

Tyger’s classes are one same library

Ron’s classes are one library

Laurel’s classes are one library

Wait Time for Recorded Class:

A real person (an awesome work-study) is checking the Zoom recordings and migrating files. It can take a few days. Let us know if a class is missing

Tipping Instructors:

All of our teacher staff Venmo handles appear on the ‘Thank You’ page when you enroll in class. 

They are also all listed [here] https://2100worldwide.teachable.com/p/support

We have kept the cost of our programming extremely accessible while still paying our outstanding staff equitable rates. If you have the financial means to tip your instructors, please do. The most concrete way you can support our organization at this time is to directly support the instructors you love.

Tech Support:

Help with UMA classes or memberships, email Kayla

[email protected] 

Help with MoveMakers classes or memberships, email India

 [email protected] 

Unless a matter is extremely pressing, only email one staff member at a time, rather than all of us. 

In an emergency, especially for the MoveMakers program, feel free to contact Vince or India directly.